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How To Be The Best Lifestyle Blogger The You Can Be: Advice/ Tips/ Tricks Collab

This Blogger’s Collab Post was created by Amy Jane and in classic Amy Style: is purely for helping and supporting as many bloggers out there as possible, whether you are a lifestyle, travel, beauty, art/photography or a student/ school life blogger. This collab is bound to help you be the best sort of blogger that you can be! I am collaborating with 3 other AMAZING bloggers that all have different niches and interest points. Each of them will be publishing a post like this one for th collab. However, they have all got one specific niche that they have been assigned to and will be running through all the best advice/ tips/ tricks to being a blogger of their assigned niches.

The Bloggers and their Niches: 

Soph Isobel: Student/ School Life Blogger

JustSophie: Lifestyle Blogger (this post you’re reading!)

EarthtoConnie: Travel Blogger

Amy Jane: Beauty Blogger


Now, this post title is a tricky one. Why? Because the main point of this entire post is about how you can ‘be the best lifestyle blogger’. This makes it a tricky one because let’s be honest, every single person in this world is different. You may find people who are like you, learn like you and produce similar things as you, but no person is exactly the same. We think differently, we write differently and we see the world differently. One person may look at a blog post and think it is amazing, whilst the other may think it is trash and delete it instantly.


First piece of advice here – never delete any work.


No matter how terrible you think it is, it isn’t. You can always improve it until you are happy with it or you can take pieces from it and build an entirely new post. There is always something you can do, so just don’t delete. In fact, I forbid you to do so, you’re welcome.

Anyway, my main point to the start of this post is this;


Only you can make yourself the best Lifestyle Blogger


At the end of the day, if you’re willing to put the time and effort into it then you will succeed. 


  • Be Yourself

How many times do you hear that? It seems to be the advice everyone gives to everyone, no matter what it is about. There is a perfectly good reason for that – IT’S SO TRUE.

How many bloggers are out there? You don’t realise until you start yourself and get set up on Social Media. There are thousands of bloggers out there! So, why would you want to be exactly like everyone else? Whether they will admit it or not, people love the attention to their work and the one way to gain this attention is to be different. Be you in your blogs. Take on advice and feedback from others but ultimately, it’s your blog and you be you!


  • Your Inspiration

Your inspiration for your blog will help you become the best blogger you can be! Why? Because it is important to put that passion into your writing. My inspiration is my Ginger (as is obvious in my blog). Your inspiration can be anything. Take a moment to yourself, get comfy and start to think – why choose Lifestyle of your blog niche? What inspired you to choose to do so and put that passion into your work.


  • Category Choice

When it comes to Lifestyle Blogging, there are so many different topics and things you can write about. It is a very versatile option when it comes to blogging. However, in order to become the best blogger you can be, it is a good idea to choose a few categories to focus on. Don’t worry, it is okay to change your categories. If you decide something is not working for you, change it.

My main piece of advice when it comes to Lifestyle Blogging is to discover what you love on a daily basis and write about what you are passionate about. If you base your blog on something which you do not find a passion for, it will show in your writing, unfortunately. If you cannot choose, much like myself, then write about a selection of things. Along the way, you discover what interests you most and if you decide to remove this from your niche then that’s your choice.

Lifestyle blogging does not mean that you have to do and experience exciting things daily. Write about your experiences as they happen, there’s no need to go out of your way and spend money. Lifestyle blogging can mean anything you enjoy or any interest in your life. You can make a post out of anything! See below for a list of things you could write about:

  • Recipes
  • Events and concerts
  • A day out, even if it is to the park or a bike ride
  • Reviews and recommendations of books you have or plan to read
  • Events that happen in your life, such as moving out, marriages or friendships
  • Basically, you can create content inspired by any event or interest in your life! There are no rules. All you need to do is open a new post and start typing.


  • Organisation

Organisation is key to Lifestyle Blogging and being the best you can be. Blogging from the outside seems simple – you just write stuff and post it, right? – wrong. Blogging needs structure and organisation! Whether you have a busy schedule to post about or your Lifestyle Blog relies more on reviews and recipes, keeping track of things is essential. It doesn’t take much though so don’t worry. Personally, I use Excel to log posts I have posted and scheduled posts, highlighting once they have been posted. This is the easiest way to me as I change my post schedule regularly and I can keep track of what I have completed and what I haven’t. A simple diary will suffice though.

If you are writing about an experience or event, I suggest you draft your post as soon as you can, even if you aren’t planning on posting it for a while. When it comes to events, I would advise posting as soon as you are able, especially if it is a hot topic at the moment. A good example is my Hull Pride blog. I posted this while Pride was still around and so was much better received than I expect it would have done if I was to wait a few weeks. The is one of the main reasons why organising is needed as things which happen in our lives can disrupt our post scheduling.

Colour co-ordination is also a good idea to use when it comes to Lifestyle Blogging. As there are many categories you could write about, it is good to keep track of which posts belong to which topics. This allows you to keep track of which category is maybe lacking in content and which you may have focused on too much without realising it. A notebook dedicated to your blog is always useful as well to record future post ideas. Ideas for posts may pop in your head all the time and if these are recorded, you could lose them and that would be unfortunate!


  • Blogging Design

In order to create the best Lifestyle Blog you can, you need to decide which layout suits your blog’s niche. I always find simple themes work best with your content and headers creating the base of your layout. But then again, that’s just my opinion. Like I advised, it’s your blog so be you! One main tip I can give you guys is to create an account with CANVA. I cannot recommend this app enough. It is free to use, create and download custom headers and banners. I would not use anything else. Download it now!


  • Recognition

Everyone’s idea of being the best Lifestyle Blogger is completely different. Some people are excited about reaching 10,000 views in one week, whereas some may be ecstatic over 100 views in a week. Personally, I would have thought Lifestyle Blogging would be the most used niche by most bloggers, but that’s just my opinion. So there’s a lot of competition guys! Being the best Lifestyle Bloggers is all dependant on what you see as success. Why have you started blogging? what outcome do you want? Work out that and then you can start on making yourself the best Lifestyle Blogger you can be in your own eyes.

I can give you a few tricks with social media though. Following and keeping interest in other bloggers is a must. Do to follow to unfollow. People don’t like that. The blogging community is amazing and you should get involved. To gain the most traffic here are a few tricks, just for you:

  • like, retweet and comment your links on follow trains
  • pst every new post (even repost a couple weeks later) on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and any other social media you can think of. Always link.
  • Read other blogs and comment to show your support
  • Retweet other bloggers posts which are relevant to your niche.


And we come to the end of the post, I hope I have maybe helped out a few people get things into perspective and not bored you to death. I will leave you with one of the best pieces of advice I can give to anyone either starting a Lifestyle Blog or working on one:


Be unique. Be passionate. Be you.


Don’t compare yourself to others! You’re amazing and so is your blog! Keep going!


Check out my fellow collab bloggers – they are all awesome I Promise you!

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