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'It's The Small Things' Series,  Train of Thought

Hide-and-Seek | ‘It’s The Small Things’ Series

Welcome to the first instalment of my first short story series. ‘It’s The Small Things’ is a short story series featuring the running topic of death. This series shows the importance of decisions in our lives and portrays how one decision (a small thing) can cause our end. This series may be upsetting and/or graphic and may not be suitable for those easily upset. 


“25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20…”

Footsteps scurried down the stairs. Stripey socks lightly met carpet with every step and masked any noise.

“19, 18, 17, 16, 15…”

The tiny feet ran across the living room floor. The stripey socks danced around, undecided.

“14, 13, 12…”

Cody’s eyes didn’t know where to stray. He pranced toward the kitchen door.

Eleven seconds to go.

Cody opened it with a smile and pattered into the centre of the kitchen.


His socks relieved his feet from the chill of the slabs beneath.


He rushed around desperate for a hiding spot.


Cody’s feet pranced through the kitchen.


His eyes fell on the perfect place.


He walked towards it.


Cody grasped the handle.


He pulled the door open.


Cody climbed inside.


He pulled it shut.


The freezer door sealed.




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