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Llama Walking, Harrogate | March 2018


Well, it was on the 9th March. I know I’m a bit late but better late than never, right? 


llama alpaca nidderdale farm trek walkSo, for my birthday Ginger decided to really treat me. He took me to Harrogate for the night and wedid the most amazing activity ever. LLAMA WALKING. Yeah, that’s right. You can walk Llama’s. How bloody exciting is that. Especially for me as I LOVE llama’s, I think they are awesome. Everything about them is cool. Maybe that’s just me.

The farm that we went to was called Nidderdale Farm. It is along the outskirts of Harrogate, but it didn’t take too long to get to the town centre afterwards. Nidderdale was featured on ‘The Dales’ as shown on ITV1. Alongside being able to walk the llamas at Nidderdale Farm, you can also adopt or buy gift vouchers for someone you love to enjoy the experience. You can check out Nidderdale Farm for yourself here.

Nidderdale Farms hosts walks almost every day and do tend to be quite busy, especially in Summer and at the weekends. However, there was only one other couple for our date and time so it was a nice intimate meet and greet with the llamas really. We spent about 45 minutes getting to know the llamas so they got used to our presence and smell. Here is the best fact to know before you go and see the llamas –


Nidderdale Farm Llamas and Alpacas do not spit at humans. Ever.


llama alpaca nidderdale farm trek walkBasically, a llama uses spitting to communicate their emotions, for instance if they are angry or annoyed. However, Nidderdale Farm train their llamas from young to understand that a human is different to a llama and to respect the humans. This means that llamas and alpacas from Nidderdale Farm will never spit at a human. *Sigh of relief*.

Once we had met all of the llamas and alpacas, it was time to match with them. The lovely young lady who was controlling the day matched an animal with each of us depending on who she decided would be best together. My llama was called …… and he was a lovely male llama. We hit it off straight away. Then came around to Ginger’s matching and the funniest happened. Ginger was matched with one of the two alpacas, the smallest animal there. Considering llama alpaca nidderdale farm trek walkthe only other guy there was matched with the biggest llama there, it was quite amusing.

The trek consisted of each person walking a llama or alpaca on a leash. After every ten minutes or so we stopped and allowed the animals to graze on grass. One thing I must point out is that the trail is very muddy. To the point where our shoes were completely covered in mud and had to be thrown so I would recommend wearing some wellies.

The trip was amazing and the llama walking was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Even though Ginger does not portray the same love for llamas as I do, he still enjoyed the experience as much as I did. I could not fault it at all.




llama alpaca nidderdale farm trek walkI would definitely recommend this to anyone, whether you love llamas and alpacas or not. I think this would also suit children, so long as they are not too scared of the animals as they are quite big. However, as I have mentioned, the alpacas are a lot smaller and so would be best paired with children. Nidderdale was an amazing experience and the staff were so helpful and friendly. It is clear to see that the animals are very content and well looked after. The treks and walks with the llamas benefit themselves as well as providing entertainment to us. Llamas love walks and it provides exercise for them. Do not worry about them being overworked as Nidderdale has LOADS of llamas and they take it in turns for the walks.

I can’t recommend this experience enough.

You need to do it.



Please Note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and/or Ginger’s and are truthful.


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