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Glasses Direct | Are They Too Good To Be True?

glasses direct home trial free order new opinion Glasses. Does anybody who has to wear them really like them? I know that I don’t and I have been wearing glasses since I was in year 4 at Primary School. Apart from anything else, I just don’t think I suit glasses and definitely do not have the face shape for them. I just think they ruin any look I try and go for but then at the same time, if I don’t wear them then I can’t see. Such issues.


I hate wearing glasses.


Unfortunately, it is just something that I have to do or I cannot see. I have tried the other option of contact lenses and, although I much prefer them, they do irritate my eyes after a while so no good as an all-day job, really. Laser eye surgery is another option but just watching the videos makes me cringe. I couldn’t do it, no matter how much I hate wearing glasses.



As it does every two years, I received my letter from Specsavers requesting I book an appointment for an eye test. As I had already guessed, my eyesight has gotten slightly worse and so new glasses are needed. This was irrelevant, really, seeing as my current glasses are literally held together by superglue, but that’s another story.


How expensive are glasses?!


glasses direct home trial free order new opinion

I couldn’t believe the price of some glasses in Specsavers and considering I need a pair of normal and a pair of prescription sunglasses, my cheapest option was to get the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer which means spending £69. Not too bad for two pairs of glasses really but when you’re saving for a mortgage, it is a bit of a stretch.


Bring on the Glasses Direct advert.


glasses direct home trial free order new opinion

I have seen the advert for Glasses Direct a few times but never really took much notice until I actually needed some glasses. Basically, it is a fully online service and you can order four pairs of glasses to try on for free. The catch is that you have to return them within seven days or a fine is placed, so it is a quick process really. However, free. You cannot go wrong really.


I got myself on their website to check out their cheapest glasses. This being at £20, I was quite impressed. I found that it is an extra £10 cost charge for the glasses to become sunglasses and so worked out £50 for two pairs of glasses. Only £20 cheaper than Specsavers but every little helps, right? I found myself four pairs I liked and ordered right away.


The service was very speedy and I cannot fault.


glasses direct home trial free order new opinion

The glasses arrived in two days and I was very impressed by how nicely packaged they were. I loved that I was able to try them on in my own time in my own home. Three of the pairs were not suitable due to the sizing and seeing as these glasses would not be altered, I needed to know that they fit. One pair, however, was perfect and I loved the boldness of the colour on the inside rim. They were perfect!


glasses direct home trial free order new opinion

I found returning the glasses was super easy. Basically, all you have to do is re-package the items and use the free postage sticker included to send it off at the Post Office. I decided to order my glasses straight away. Here is when the disappointment set in.

As I added the frames to the basket and followed through the steps to eventually come to my basket to order, I found that in fact it is only the frames that are £20 and everything else is added onto the total. This meant that the lenses were between £10 and £59 extra. This meant that my glasses would be £30 and my second sunglasses would be £40, with the added tint cost. Overall, my basket came to £73.95 with postage included. Even if I were to choose two £49 pairs of glasses at BOGOF offer and add a tint to one pair, this would still result in an £82.95 bill.


Specsavers is cheaper than Glasses Direct

for what I want.


glasses direct home trial free order new opinion

Personally, I would rather choose two £69 pairs of glasses at Specsavers and have the added assurance that I can have them altered for free. However, this is just my personal opinion. In terms of Glasses Direct, I think they are definitely an affordable and good company to purchase glasses from. Their Home Trial service is fabulous and I cannot fault it. If you are just wanting a pair of cheap glasses, £30 is not a bad price at all and I would definitely recommend.


I can imagine this website is not for everyone as it wasn’t the best choice for me. If you are in debate then use the Home Trial service as it is free and gives you an idea of the quality of the glasses and allows you to try before you buy, which I am always up for.


If you’re a glasses wearer, I recommend giving

Glasses Direct a go.

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