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Garnier Skin Active Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask

I have bad skin. In fact, I have awful skin. My skin type? Oily, definitely. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Im not dripping in oil. You couldn’t fry something on my face but there is a sheen. My face is shiny. Now, I have tried a lot of products to reduce the shine and yes, some of them have worked. I will enlighten you all with my tricks and tips as time comes along but for now, let’s discuss a new face mask I decided to try and what the consequences were. 


garnier charcoal tissue face mask moist skin oily porsThis is a tissue face mask by Garnier. I had never heard of these masks until a couple of months ago and now they seem to be everywhere. So, I decided to give it a try. The average selling price for one of these masks is around £3 which, I don’t know about you, but I find is ridiculously pricey. Considering the creamy face masks in a little foil packet are £1 each and always have been (I’m hoping you know what I mean). Let’s face it, a mask is not for life. It’s for fifteen minutes. And £3 for fifteen minutes is more than I get paid at work!


I managed to find this mask at Savers for £1.99 which is the main reason I bought it. Bargain price. The masks come in a sealed package which states that it purifies and hydrates to tighten pores. Well, perfect for me seeing as my pores are huge and so noticeable without foundation. 


Here is how Superdrug describe the mask online:

Garnier Skin Active’s Charcoal and Algae Sheet Mask is formulated with Algae Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrating Active to comfort and purify skin and tighten pores – all in just 15 minutes.


Enriched with black algae extract, the mask claims to be equivalent to one week’s worth of cleansing and hydrating (basically a week of daily care to your skin). That is a big claim for a mask that is meant to be worn for fifteen minutes. A miracle to me really that I can have a week’s worth of hydration in fifteen minutes. Why have I not tried this mask before?


garnier charcoal tissue face mask moist skin oily porsUpon opening the package, the first thing I noticed was how moist the tissue mask was. You can physically see the liquid in the packet. I don’t mind this because I don’t see how a moisturising and hydrating face mask wouldn’t be wet anyway. Surely that’s the point? So one point to the mask for that. The mask is folded in the packet and you simply pull out the mask, unravel and place on your face. It obviously has holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. Simply line these up with your own features and away you go.


The mask does have lines cut from both sides of the face so is easily fit-able to most face types, I imagine. It is a little tricky and time consuming to keep pulling and tugging at bits of the mask to make it a comfortable and snug fit to your face. DISCLAIMER: A mirror will be needed.

I must admit that it did take me at least five to ten minutes to get the mask properly stuck to my face but I imagine time is needed to do this in order to get the best results. 


Now it was time to sit back and relax.


The packaging states that the mask is to be worn for fifteen minutes for the best results, However, as a rule breaker, I chose to leave this mask on for half an hour. At the end of the day, if it gives a week of moisturisation from fifteen minutes then double that time couldn’t hurt my skin, right? One thing I did notice about the mask was that it did not dry out. For some reason, I expected the mask t0 dry on your face as cream masks do. But it was just as moist as when I put it on.


The mask is very comfortable and smells pleasant too.


garnier charcoal tissue face mask moist skin oily porsAfter the half an hour mark, I decided to take off the mask. I had had enough. The mask comes off easily and just slides straight from your face. It does say to massage and wipe your face with a cotton ball but seeing as I do not own any, I decided to scrunch up the mask and massage my face with that. Double the moisturisation. I just left the moisture on my face dry after that. Whether you’re meant to do that or not, I do not know but I did it anyway. I then chose to wipe down my neck, upper chest and arms with the mask as there was so much moisture still on there.


Don’t waste people.



garnier charcoal tissue face mask moist skin oily porsMy conclusion from the tissue mask? I loved it. Whether I would spend £3 on the mask to try it again, I do not know. It is a good face mask and I did enjoy the experience but I do not feel that it was worth the money that it costs at retail price. However, I did feel like it replenished my skin and I did feel very relaxed after the process. Over the next couple of days, I did notice that my pores had become smaller and there was less of a shine to my face. These effects did not last forever though and to be honest, it was true to its word and lasted maybe a week. There are no complaints from me about this face mask and I do believe it does what it says on the tin with this one. I will give more of these masks a go but in the meantime, if you want to try it for yourself, you can find it in Savers for a bargain.




Put down your device and get over to Savers now. 



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