Fresh Format Feel | Embracing The New Look

Formatting a blog.

It’s strange what set your memory going and make you miss the world of blogging. You can go months without feeling the need to write and then – BAM – the writing bug hits you harder than Dorothy’s tornado.

Lewis and I have been watching Slasher on Netflix. Just to digress here but if you haven’t watched it, you need to. Just trust me on this one. Anyway, the third series features a blogger. And that was my trigger.

And so here I am. Writing away.

Designing blog headers.

I figured some modernisation was needed and so I started in the only logical place. The header. Start at the top and work your way down. The font I chose is very similar to my old one but has a much more ‘adult ‘ feel to it if you get my drift. I didn’t betray my look from day one completely and decided to continue with the grey theme. 

I decided I needed a new look. 

Working downwards, I found myself at my post headers and I knew instantly these needed a new feel as well. In keeping in line with my new header, I used the same font and aesthetic as the header. Don’t you just love it when you find a font that you absolutely love?

Old Standard is that font for me.

Content formatting.

I’m not sure why but as I scanned through my posts, I realised that the format of my paragraphs needed updating too. My posts are easy to read, or even skim, but there was a childish feel to them all. Hence, the new format for my blog. My new style of posts makes them more user friendly I feel and I am very happy with them.

Tips and tricks for blog formatting.

During my own research, I have discovered some handy tips for formatting your blog in the most successful manner. As I am not a selfish blogger, I shall list a few of them down below for you:

  • Font: Choose a font that is simple and is easy to read. This is for your contact paragraphing, of course. When it comes to the header, get your creative juices flowing and be as fancy as you like.
  • Font size: I had not realised myself how important this point is. Blog posts should have a font no smaller than 14pt, with 16pt being the most ideal sizing if possible. I have chosen to go with 14pt. It makes sense to have as large a font as possible to make reading your post as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for your reader.
  • White space: When I first started blogging, I didn’t leave any white space as I was scared that my posts would be too long. However, spacing out your post and increasing the white space makes it easier for your reader to read and skim. Don’t be scared to spread your text!
  • Sentences: Keep your sentences short. The shorter the better and the reason for this is due to most readers being skimmers and this formatting is easier to do so. Keep paragraphs short too and only ever have three lines in a paragraph. If needed, increase to four but no more.
  • Imagery: This is an obvious one as people love images. Images increase the likelihood of a reader sticking with your blog and posts.
  • Attention to detail: Content is the most important part to the format of a blog. Put effort into your posts. Editing your blog should take twice as long, at least, as writing the post. Don’t kick yourself if you make mistakes though. We are all human.

These are just a few points to consider when formatting a blog. Whether it be from scratch or whether you’ve decided to mix up your blog with a new look. 


Every now and then, things need a freshen up and blogs are not immune to this. I am happy with what I have achieved so far but who knows how I will feel in a years time. Growth is what we must strive for in the creative world. 

Let me know what you think!

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