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Final Day At Work | A New Start

What an emotional day. My final day at work before I begin my new job in five days time. It was a weird one because as excited as I am to be starting a new job, and hopefully my future career, I was sad to be leaving. I think if you have enjoyed working for somewhere for over a year and a half, that is pretty normal, really.


One door closes and another one opens


Leaving my job was that best thing for myself even though I was sad to be leaving. Due to my wanting to ‘fly the nest’ as people say, I was needing a full-time role with a decent wage. I wanted a job which would last me for most of my life due to progression and I found one.


I have been very lucky


new start life job fresh administration assistant produtionMy last day was a good one. I said my goodbyes to everyone in the office and will miss them dearly. I was very surprised to receive not only a card but also a box of chocolates and some money. I felt very appreciated and loved. I was very grateful and thankful.


new start life job fresh administration assistant produtionTo celebrate, we all decided to get some food and a few drinks at Wetherspoons. It was a nice evening and I really enjoyed myself. It was the perfect way to end a good year and a half with the company. It’s not like I won’t ever see anyone again and I do hope to stay in touch with everyone as they are so lovely.


I am now mostly prepared for my new start on Monday and am just in need of a few more items. After having visited Hull last week, I was disappointed by the lack of clothing options in Primark. I managed to buy a gorgeous pair of trousers and a few tops but fortunately for me I will need to go shopping again for some more clothing.


I am excited about my fresh start

and fingers crossed it goes well!

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