Falling Foss Waterfall, Whitby | May 2021


I have never been to see a waterfall before and as far as I can remember, I have never seen one in real life.

It seems like a strange thing to say but when you think about it, have you ever stood at the bottom of a waterfall? I hadn’t really thought about it until I saw someone post on Facebook their recent trip to one.

The name of the place was Falling Foss.

I googled it and realised it is pretty much next to Whitby and so only about an hour and half drive away. As you know, I love an adventure so I mentioned it to Lewis and we agreed it would be a good day out.

Getting to the bottom of the waterfall is definitely worth it.

The drive and parking.

The drive wasn’t too bad and the car park was easy enough to find.

There are two car parks. Falling Foss and May Beck, which are both free.

Don’t fall for pulling into the first car park on the narrow road to Falling Foss which charges £3 all day as is owned by a farmer. Just drive a little more down and you will find the free one belonging to Falling Foss.

Falling Foss tea garden.

There is a tea room called ‘Falling Foss Tea Garden‘ directly next to the first waterfall but, unfortunately, I cannot comment as we did not use the facilities.

Mainly due to taking our own food and drink but also because the queue was huge!

Just bear this in mind. 

Falling Foss waterfall is 67 feet high.

The waterfall.

The waterfall was incredible. It was absolutely beautiful.

When you arrive at Falling Foss, you can view the waterfall directly opposite from the top.

We could see people at the bottom so we knew you could get down somehow we just couldn’t work out how.

We decided to complete the 2 mile walk first and try to get to the bottom before we leave. Good shout really as you end up pretty wet and muddy.

The walk.

The walk is around 2 miles long as takes you across to May Beck along the top of the ridge and then declines to May Beck and back along to Falling Foss at the foot of the cliff. 

The views are gorgeous and it really is worth doing.

It took us about 2 hours to complete the walk but it could be done quicker as we were also exploring when we found something interesting. 

On the way to Falling Foss, you follow the stream back to the waterfall.

Be careful though, I decided it was a good idea to hop from rock to rock and ended up flat on my face. It’s very slippy but won’t look it!

I would definitely recommend this walk and it was worth the drive there. We would definitely go again!

The walk is 2 mile long.

Heading to the bottom of Falling Foss waterfall.

Start at ‘Falling Foss Tea Gardens‘ and look at the waterfall. Head right and keep the waterfall to your left. Follow the dirt ptah downwards and you will notice it declines dramatically. Follow it to your left until you notice some yellow rope attached to the side of the cliff. Be careful from this point as this is where it can get dangerous. Use the rope to help you shimmy your way down to the bottom. At the bottom, make you way left along the stream and rocks until you reach the waterfall. Enjoy the view!

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