Fairview Lodges, Withernsea | January 2020

Log cabins galore! Have you are actually just googled ‘Log Cabins in Yorkshire‘? And to make life even more difficult, they are all so lovely as well. If you think comparing prices will make your decision easier, you would be wrong my friend. That was my first port of call but guess what? They’re all budgeted around the same prices. Half an hour it took me and Lew to trawl through all the log cabins with a hot tub in Yorkshire. Well, I say we looked… I looked and chose my favourite three and all he had to do was choose the one her preferred. Typical, eh? 


Anyway, we used the site ‘hottubhideaways‘ which listed all of the available hot tub getaways and then directed you through to Hoseasons where you can check out dates and book. We went with the one which looked like it would relax us most for our much needed four day relaxation holiday. 


Fairview Lodges. 


There’s a few reasons we chose this one. It is decently priced (however, as I mentioned they all are) at £325 for us both for three nights OVER THE WEEKEND. I couldn’t believe the prices for a weekend stay. Also, it has a very high review score on the website at over 9 out of ten. Decent, right? And last but not least, Lewis loved the big TV so he can take his Xbox with us. (Insert eye roll by every female reader with a console boyfriend).


Fairview Lodges is situated just outside of Withernsea and it literally took us a few minutes to drive into Withernsea while we were there. We arrived on the evening of the Friday with fresh ideas of what the cabin would look like but also very dubious because pictures always make places look nicer than in reality.


How wrong we were!


The cabin was AMAZING! We loved it as soon as we stepped inside. There was such a fresh feel to it and the decor was beautiful. The entire cabin has been kept as bare wood which really gave a cosy feel. We had two double rooms, both with en-suites. Both the bathrooms were beautiful with luxurious big showers and were impeccably clean. We were so impressed. We had a huge lounge with two settees and a full open plan kitchen set up. All along the back wall was patio doors leading out onto the veranda and, more importantly, the hot tub. Outside we were greeted with a vast open space leading into a small wood which was just gorgeous, especially seeing as this was our view from the hot tub the entire weekend. If I am honest, it was the perfect place to relax and completely chill out for a few days. 


Day two we even saw deer grazing and running across the fields.



Now, let’s talk about the hot tub. Let’s be honest, this is the only reason people visit cabins in the middle of nowhere. Neither myself or Lew had been to a cabin before and so the hot tub was a completely new experience. And how excited we were for it. The hot tub was running 24/7 so you didn’t need to set anything up or wait for anything to be heated (although the slight eco side of me was anxious amount the amount of energy this was wasting). It was a reasonable sized tub and more than enough room for two people, maybe even four. There were buttons on the side which allowed us to have different lighting and control the bubbles and the jets. It was all very exciting. We were recommended by the owners to use the hot tub for a few hours at a time. Yeah, that didn’t happen. We were in there until the early hours of the morning every night. It was just so relaxing and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave. The entire stay really was made by the hot tub and I cannot wait to get in it again later on this year. 



We stayed form Thursday to Monday and it was so difficult to leave on Monday. Our stay was just absolutely perfect and we couldn’t have asked for more. The bed was a super king sized and the comfiest thing I have ever laid on. The kitchen was perfect for cooking for ourselves and the owners even left out takeaway menus, which we dabbled into one night. Cant beat a Chinese takeaway! A large TV was provided and there was also WiFi if you wanted to connect to it. Most of the time we found ourselves in the hot tub though. We honestly cannot fault this place and I would highly recommend. Anyone who is looking for a relaxing weekend, or even a week, away then you NEED to check out Fairview Lodges. Get yourself on Hoseasons now! 


Aaaaaand relax.




Disclaimer: All images used are my own and all opinions are my own.

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