Edinburgh | February 2020

Edinburgh - 3 Day Trip

Jeez, here I am sat writing this post in August and it is about a trip which happened in February. Yes, you heard me correctly.


How long ago does February sound? But, like everyone else in the world, Coronavirus has had a massive impact on my life. My blog has unfortunately been one of the aspects affected. Hence, here we are talking about February in August.

What a life at the minute. However, it is nice to write about this because it reminds me of better days when the world was normal and I was shipping about everywhere enjoying life.

If you have read a few of my posts, you may know that my Uncle Stephen (Uncle S) sadly died in November. My Uncle S was kind enough to leave all of his many many many nieces and nephews some money. Me and my brother, Tom, decided to use some of this for a weekend away.


We chose a trip to Edinburgh.

To be fair, our trip to Edinburgh was cheap as chips and we enjoyed it greatly apart from the drama at the end.

Edinburgh is a lovely city and we managed to get there via train. It was not too long of a journey and everything went smoothly. We arrived and headed straight to the hostel we had booked. 


Royal Mile Backpackers.

We were very surprised and impressed with the hostel. It was only the second time I had stayed in a hostel and it has convinced me to continue with this method of stay.

The woman greeted us and gave us our bed numbers and towels. There were free lockers and the rooms were nice and clean with the beds not too close together.

One of the most exciting things was that each room was themed. Our room was Gotham City and my bed was the Penguin.

They had Star Wars, Friends, Marvel… basically all of the Comic-Con classics.

The room was full by the time we slept and I had no complaints about the quality of sleep. The washing facilities were equipped with adequate privacy and were very clean overall. 


The themed rooms in the Hostel were awesome.

We spent the weekend exploring Edinburgh.

We spent an entire day at the Zoo and one evening we decided to go on a Ghost Walk.

Edinburgh is a beautiful and very picturesque place. However, to me, it was definitely a tourist trip and I could not ever see myself living there. It’s just not my cup of tea for a forever home; just can’t put my finger on why.

We also had plans to visit the castle on our final day but we were hit with a huge storm and so Edinburgh Castle was closed. We were refunded luckily. 

Still, it was disappointing that we could not visit.


And onto the drama of the weekend...

The storm. The god damn storm.

We picked the worst weekend to visit Scotland in terms of weather. All trains were canceled and it was a case of standing in a HUGE queue to try and get on a train.

We waited in the queue for over 4 hours only to be told we did not have the correct ticket for the train and we would have to pay over £150 for a new ticket and would have to go to the back of the 4-hour queue!!!

I said ‘not a chance’ that was happening and thankfully they let us on the train with the intention of charging us on the journey.

We were finally on the train.

I was so thankful that they did not charge us again for our tickets. We were able to get to York and then one of my friends was kind enough to drive us to Selby where Tom’s car was waiting for us.

As soon as the train stopped at York, we ran off the train before they could catch us at the last second and drain our bank accounts. It is safe to say, we were glad to be home. 


My final thoughts.

Overall, Edinburgh was lovely. I have said that I will visit with Lewis but not sure I would visit for the third time. There is not too much to do there and once you’ve done it, you’ve done it.

I had a lovely three days away and even the drama at the end did not ruin it. Edinburgh is definitely worth visiting in your lifetime.

Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and are truthful.



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