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Disneyland Paris | February 2018

This post is also late but due to myself not having downloaded WordPress when we visited the magical Disneyland, I have let myself off!

That’s right I said it…




disney land paris entranceMe being the amazing girlfriend that I am bought this trip as the main present for Ginger for Christmas 2017. It was our first Christmas together and wanted to get something we would both enjoy and special. Now, if you think I was selfish by buying him something I wanted to do, you are far from right. See, the reason why I decided to take us to Disneyland is due to Disney hosting ‘Star Wars Season‘ throughout February. Ginger loves Star Wars. And I mean LOVE. I, however, do not. So very unselfish of me.

disney land paris Minnie mickey mouse

We travelled there via bus due to every other alternative being extortionate prices that I cannot afford on my minimum wage salary. I decided to book through National Holidays who seemed to be the cheapest. With return travel, hotel for three nights and tickets into both parks for two days, to was around £300 each. Not too shabby for a Disneyland weekend.

The bus travel wasn’t as bad as expected. The trip took around 10 hours to get there, plus an hour and half ferry trip. The time seemed to fly by and the bus drivers were very friendly and helpful throughout. Our hotel was nice however, we were given a twin when we had booked a double. A quick word with reception and we was quickly moved to a double room.

Minnie and Mickey glasses Disney land Paris

The breakfast was a buffet style with a choice of savouries, bread and meat or a cooked breakfast. It did the trick and filled us until dinner time. In regards to the food in the park, it wasn’t too expensively priced

so long as you chose where you ate carefully. We stuck to the small cafes for our dinner and spent around €15 each on a meal and a drink. For our evening meals, we chose to eat in franchises, Five Guys, McDonalds, etc, which didn’t seem to be much more pricey than other here. All in all, we took £150 each for two full days in the parks and we came back with money, even after buying a few presents.


Both parks were amazing and really do live up to expectations.


disney land paris Star Wars We had an amazing time, we really did. In regards to the Star Wars part of the trip, we were slightly disappointed, especially Ginger. There were Star Wars themes and a few mini shows but I would not say the parks were taken over by Star Wars. We waited 45 minutes so we were at the front of the Order March which I must admit was amazing! We also enjoyed the evening show which was dedicated to Star Wars, it was very impressive. Another aspect of the Star Wars takeover that we did enjoy was Space Mountain. I am unsure whether a Star Wars theme to the ride was simply due to the takeover or whether it is now permanent, but it was AMAZING! It felt like we were in a battle, it really did. The Star Wars simulator was also pretty cool with 4D effects to give the impression of being part of the films.



Disney baloo king Louie jungle book



My favourite all time Dinner film is Jungle Book and I met Baloo and KingLouie. I loved it and was one of my favourite moments of the entire trip!!!


We were both impressed with these aspects of the Star Wars Season but we definitely expected a bit more. I’m not sure whether we just expected too much from it or not but it was slightly underwhelming.

Despite this, we had the best time ever and have both said we will be returning in the near future. However, after a brief discussion, we are both unsure as to whether we would travel via bus again. It is good for a cheap weekend break in Disneyland but it was a long trek and was knackering. Might be worth waiting a little longer, saving a little more money, and travel via air or train.



Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and/or Ginger’s and are truthful.

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