City of the Dead Tour | Edinburgh | February 2020

A ghost walk in Edinburgh.

Is there anything more thrilling than joining a ghost walk in the center of Edinburgh?

Edinburgh just has that spooky feel to it. Its something I cant quite put my finger on. Quite possible, it is the old timely buildings or the miles of cobbled streets.

We happened upon the ghost walks by chance when googling things to do in Edinburgh.

We found a few companies who offered the services of taking you into the depths of Edinburgh and it made it pretty hard to decide which to go for.

They all looked so cool and spooky and, to be honest with you, the pricing was all pretty much the same. 

City of the Dead Tour.

We decided on the ‘City of the Dead Tour‘ and used their website to book. It was a pretty easy booking system.

They have certain times for tours and each tour is limited to places. 

The tickets were £14 per adult but they do have discounts for students and OAP’s so not bad pricing at all.

They have a few different tours that they offer but we decided on the ‘Underground City of the Dead Tour‘.

It was said to last around an hour and twenty minutes so we knew we would not be back too late. 

The beginning.

In an essence, the tour takes you through the Edinburgh Vaults with a tour guide revealing the history of the vaults. 

Creepy. When your tour guide starts adding in the ghost telling’s, it gets even more chilling.

The tour starts with your guide walking you through the streets of Edinburgh and filling you in with the history.

Then it’s through a door down an alley and straight into the heart of the vaults.

Before you start panicking, the guide does tell you a little bit of what you’re in for and advises that if you wish to leave at any point, you will be safely taken to the street instantly.

The stories.

The history of the vaults is a sad one which leads to a lot of deprivation in the vaults.

As educational as it is, it is also pretty damn scary when the guide starts with the ghost stories.

There are a lot of myths and telling’s of the vaults.

Plus, they have the added bonus of being able to tell you experiences from people in the vaults during previous tours.

If you’re easily creeped out and scares then this maybe isn’t the one for you.

The tour itself.

If I remember rightly, you enter five different rooms on this tour.

The first is the entrance cavern and the second is a small and brightly lit vault.

After this, you enter three of the large vaults and there is no light, barring a candle that the guide has on them.

This is when the horror stories come to play.

Each vault gets the tension in the atmosphere building and before you know it, you are expecting something to brush past your leg or seeing shadows that aren’t there.

The ending.

The last vault is the one where the guide will blow out the candle and you stand in silence for a minute in the complete and utter darkness.

Let me tell you, that is the longest minute of your life.

I am not going to ruin anything as I hate people who give away the secrets of events but the end of the tour is the best.

I will not say why but lets just say it made the entire tour and we left not only planning on checking under the bed before bedtime but also with a smile on our faces and our hearts beating wildly.

Final thoughts.

Overall, this is a brilliant tour and I would highly recommend.

If you are visiting Edinburgh then you need to check out one of these tours.

However, if you are easily too scared or jumping then it may not be the one for you as even I wanted to leave at one point.

It really is a scary encounter and I aren’t just saying that to trick you.

Please note: all opinions are my own and are truthful.

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