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Chester | April 2018

chester zoo giraffe animalsNeither I or Ginger have ever been to Chester before and seeing as we both love animals, we found it the perfect opportunity to visit and also see Chester Zoo. After deciding we wanted to visit, we got onto and booked a room that night. Prices of hotels in Chester is pretty high and were over the price we were willing to pay for one night. However, we managed to find a cute B&B not too far from the centre which was more like a normal price for one night.

The drive to Chester was pretty simple but did take a while. We arrived not too late in the morning and headed straight to the Zoo. The zoo is not too pricey, but they are not the cheapest zoo tickets around, and you can find your own tickets here. Alternatively, if you would like, you can also use your Clubcard vouchers to pay towards the cost of the tickets. We were not expecting anything from the zoo but we were happy with what we found. The zoo was one of the biggest we have visited so far.

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One aspect which makes Chester Zoo different from other zoos was the boat ride. The boat ride is free with your entry and allows you to see the animals in a different way. It is very relaxing and a must do with every visit to Chester Zoo.

The zoo took us most of the day to get around. There are just so many animals to get around and see. Check out all of the animals Chester Zoo has here. We saw Giraffes and Bears and Rhinos and Leopards… basically most animals you would expect to see and more!


Ginger loved the penguins, obviously.


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I don’t want to give too much away as this is a day out you need to experience yourself. It is the perfect day our, no matter what age you are, as there are things to do for everyone. The talks throughout the day are very informative and helpful, as well as interesting. As I mentioned, the zoo provided entertainment for us for most of the day and is not one that you can get all the way round in a couple of hours. So make sure you have enough time. I would recommend arriving as soon as the zoo opens.

The B&B we stayed in was named ‘The Dene Hotel‘. We chose this one as it was close enough to the centre to walk to and was only £30 for the night. Due to the price, we weren’t expecting much but were pleasantly surprised. There was multitudes of parking and seemed pretty safe. The hotel seems to host lots of rooms, both on the main site and located around it in mini buildings. Our room was in the

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main building. The first thing we noticed was that the door was not automatic locking with a key card but was an old-fashioned style with a key. However, this did not hinder anything as the door was lockable. The door was simple but stored everything we needed. A double bed, TV, kettle and drinking facilities and an en-suite. It was all we needed for one night. The evening was quiet with no disturbances which is an importance for us. The only downfall we found was that the mattress was not the comfiest but it wasn’t awful – you pay for what you get though, right?



The following day we drove into the centre to have a mooch around. We found the parking quite expensive in Chester but we weren’t staying all day so we didn’t mind.


Chester is beautiful.


We both agreed that Chester is one of the nicest places we have been to. However, apart from visiting shops, we didn’t find much else to do. Apart from that one downfall, we really enjoyed Chester and both knew we would be visiting again. It reminded us a lot of York, including the cobbles, and believe it would be a gorgeous place to live.

Definitely one to be visited.



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