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And who bought me this amazing and awesome present you may ask? Well, do you really need to ask? Ginger of course. My incredible boyfriend bought me a star, a literal in the sky big ball of gas kind of star. Genuine. How awesome is that? Just to think that there is a star up there in the sky named after me. Me. Sophie!


The most unique and personal gift ever.


Present Ideas star registration buy a just sophie I mean I am aware that stars are all dead. Well, not all I don’t think but the majority of them are, right? I’m not good with space knowledge but I vaguely remember a teacher teaching us that stars are dead when we see them, they are just that far away that it takes years and years and years for us to be able to see them. Sad but at the same time they do look pretty in the sky. Especially when you know one of them is named after you.

I cannot tell you where Ginger bought me this awesome present from as it was a present and so is deemed rude to ask. I will, however, provide you with a few links where you can find such a present – 


Find Me A Gift – this seems to be the cheaper place to buy this product, especially at the moment due to the reduced price of £5.79. Do bear in mind the delivery charge of at least £3.99 added to the base price. With a 5-star review rating on the site, it seems a cheap price for a decent product. However, the only downfall is the certificate is a smaller one at the A5 size. Not bad for the price though.


Universal Star Registry claiming to be the UK’s leading star registry, it is not surprising that there are numerous packages to choose from with the cheapest being £14.99. This basic package includes the letter and certificate that all star registries include. Again there is a delivery charge at £3.00, making this website much more costly than Find Me A Gift. There is no indication of the certificate size, however, it does note that it is complete with a genuine wax seal. Worth the extra money?


Star Registration out of all the websites I have visited which provide this product, this is definitely the one I would choose by far. It is more expensive than the rest with the basic package being £39.90, however, I do think it is worth the extra cash. Why? The first thing that caught my eye was this | We only name stars that are clearly visible from any place on earth throughout the year! | How amazing is that and they also promise to either refund you or provide you with another star if you’re unhappy with yours. A high-quality premium paper certificate and a separate celestial map to find your star is just the icing on the cake. Personally, I would pay the extra.


I don’t want to bore you with a massive list of ‘places to buy’ so will leave it at three. Three is always a good number. If you would like to research a little more for different product packs and compare prices then all you need is a Google Search. I’ve done it for you, click here.

Present Ideas star registration buy a just sophie

Present Ideas star registration buy a just sophie As I mentioned, I do not know who Ginger bought my star registration from. All I can tell you is that I received a folder with all my documents enclosed. Inside was a certificate, printed on a glossy card which looks very smart and professional. This certificate states my name, the date of registration and identifies my star. As you cannot own star, this is not something which is mine but it is in my name and named after myself. Exciting right? 

Also inside was a celestial map which outlined where I could find my star if I were to look for it in the sky. I have not tried to find my star in the sky simply due to the lack of binoculars and I feel there is no chance of seeing it without. The pack does, however, provide a website where you can enter your star’s coordinates and fin your star (includes further information about your star also). It is pretty cool. 

How you present your certificate is up to you. Me, I have chosen to buy a frame from Wilkinsons (you can find the one here) and have presented it on my wall. Proudly, it is the only thing presented on my wall.


I love it that much.


Present Ideas star registration buy a just sophie



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