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harrogate food llama walking birthday burger chorizo cheese chips fries salsa sticky toffee pudding dessert ice creamI’m asking you to go back a while now, I know, but if you read my blog posts on the regular, then you may have seen that myself and Ginger went Llama Walking in Harrogate for my birthday. (If you haven’t already read the most awesome day of my life then just click here). We stayed over in Harrogate and so going out for food was essential for survival!


As it was my birthday, it was down to Ginger to choose where we went for food. As we visit different places often, we do try and find local places to try that we can’t find anywhere else. Just makes sense. Ginger definitely did well and after a quick Google search and review checks, he chose the perfect place.


Burgers & More


harrogate food llama walking birthday burger chorizo cheese chips fries salsa sticky toffee pudding dessert ice creamThe menu looked amazing and sounded so delicious! Find out about their extensive range of food for yourself here. I am one of them people who looks at a menu weeks in advance to decide and deliberate exactly what I want to eat. Im terrible for it. As you can see from the menu, they have a wide range of options and I was slavering just thinking about it. Attractive I know. 


Ginger had booked a table but, to be honest, there wasn’t really any need to I don’t think. The place is fairly big and there were lost of tables. It may be busy at other times than when we arrived, so maybe book in advance just to be sure. The place looked very clean and very rustic. It seemed nice.


We were both very indecisive


The waiter, a gentleman who I cannot remember the name of unfortunately, came over and took us through the menu. He was lovely. He advised we try a burger as they are hand made, fresh to order and we can change them in any way we see fit. This was perfect for us seeing as Ginger is a fussy eater when it comes to anything green or ‘sauce’ like. We really appreciated the help in deciding what to order and the guy was superb! He was the friendliest person I have ever met.


We both cried one another and went with the Matador Burger


Check out their description on their website menu below:

Matador £12.45

Homemade burger stuffed with chorizo & sweet paprika topped with melted cheddar & bacon, served with a side of tomato Salsa


harrogate food llama walking birthday burger chorizo cheese chips fries salsa sticky toffee pudding dessert ice creamFor a side, I went with chunky chips and Ginger chose something a little different with French fries. What we liked most about this place is that you can have everything exactly how you want. For example, there was no issue with Ginger removing the salsa from his burger and requesting no sald or sauce either. You also were able to choose the type of bread your burger was served in. Such a nice place with nice food. 

The food looked delicious when it arrived. I must say that it did take a little longer than you would expect but seeing as each burger is made to order, we made an allowance. The burger was absolutely MASSIVE and looked so good. We couldn’t wait to get stuck into it. My chips were huge too, definitely lived up to their ‘chunky’ name. Ginger’s fries also looked nice and we couldn’t decide which were better, to be honest.


The food did not last long with us as we scoffed it down so quick! I couldn’t manage to eat all mine seeing as the burger was so huge so Ginger had to help me out. We still managed to eat a dessert though.


Ginger was most excited for the dessert


He absolutely loves Sticky Toffee Pudding and not a lot of places do this anymore. Burgers & More did, however, so even though he as stuffed he ordered one anyway. Obviously, I had to order something so he was not eating alone and so I went for the ice cream. They had so many flavours on offer! The puddings were decently sized and were delicious. The entire meal was gorgeous! 


All in all, Burgers & More is a delicious place to eat and I couldn’t recommend it more. It is definitely the place to go to if you have a healthy appetite and you love burgers. For those who wish to participate in a ‘man vs food’ style evening, Burgers & More also offer a ‘Tower of Burgers‘ section. HUGE burgers for those who are up to the challenge, with the tallest burger being at 35cm tall.


Do you have what it takes?



Burgers and More, 11-19 King’s Rd, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 5JY

01423 523796

When we’re open

Monday 5pm – 11pm
Tuesday – Saturday 12pm – 11pm
Sunday 12pm – 10:30pm

We serve food between:

Monday 5pm – 9:30pm
Tuesday – Sunday 12pm – 9:30pm

Bank Holidays:

Monday 12pm – 9:30pm Food served until 8:30pm



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