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Okay, so, I’m really going to try and keep my excitement in but…




Sorry guys, I failed. As you can tell, I was super excited to have the opportunity to discover Budapest. Now, we went for four days and they were PACKED full of activities so this may be a slightly longer post than normal. But stay with me because I have all you need to know to have the BEST time in Budapest


Myself and my brother, Tom, decided to celebrate my birthday by visiting Budapest. We chose to use the cheapest way possible and flew with Ryanair and booked our accommodation through Air BnB


Let’s go through this day by day, shall we?



Day One:

Our first day was super exciting and proved to be our most tourist day of them all. At first we hadn’t made any plans and decided to take it as the day comes. This was a mistake. One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is the plan everyday and do not wing it. From our random wanders in the morning, we managed to find the ‘Shoes on the Danube‘ memorial. This has a very tragic meaning and is an important memorial to those who lost their lives. If you wish to understand the saddening meaning of this memorial then feel free to click here.


Walking back along the river, we were collared by a fella selling the bus tours. After a quick discussion with him, we both decided to give it a go. There are a few companies selling the city tours but I would recommend using the Big Bus Tours, just as we did. It is the cheapest and you get the same, if not more, than the other companies. The basics is that the buses have a route to follow and you can hop on and hop off whenever you fancy. It is amazing and definitely worth the money. 


We did EVERYTHING touristy in our first day and even though we were using the bus as much as possible, we were knackered by the end of the day! Talk about getting your exercise in. 



Day Two:

For our second day, we knew we would be be doing the Thermal Baths. This is one thing I was super super excited for. As my birthday present, my brother decided to pay for my entry. At less than £20 each, you cannot go wrong with what you get. We decided to pay a little extra for a cabin to get changed in and I would definitely recommend doing this. Waking outside, we were stunned by the view of the Thermal Baths. It looked so picturesque. The weather couldn’t have been better and as the baths were heated, it was made even better. The first pool had loads of exciting features such as a hot tub and moving water with features flying water everywhere. The middle pool is an actual swimming pool for lengths. The third pool was my absolute favourite. At first look, it was just an ordinary large pool, however, as we stepped in, we realised the beauty of it. It was so heated and warm and wonderful. We just laid in there for ages and enjoyed the feeling of being in the largest bath possible. I couldn’t recommend the Thermal Baths enough and was the most relaxing time we have ever had. 


If you have never been to a Thermal Bath then get yourself there! 


The Thermal Baths was in the centre of a large park and we were very aware that there was also a zoo there. At £6 each, we were not expecting much from the zoo but knew it would be something interesting to do for our afternoon. We were amazed! The zoo was absolutely massive and we loved it. We both decided we could have definitely spent the entire day there. It is definitely something to do if you have a spare day, or even a spare afternoon. 


Also at the park was Heroes Square which is one for photographs to be taken. Tom had mentioned the day before how much Budapest reminded him of London and Heroes Square very much resembled Trafalgar Square. It is definitely worth the visit, even if you just fancy some more tourist photos.




Day Three:

On our final full day, we decided to head towards the Buda Castle. Our travel up there was awesome. To get to the top of the hill you have two choices, really. Pay for the train bus or travel in style on the cable car. I was only about £5 each for a return in the Cable Car and it was quite exciting. The Buda Castle was the last tourist attraction we had to see and it was amazing to see the views from there. Now, one thing we were excited to do while up Castle Hill was the Labyrinth


The Labyrinth was insanely good!


For our last afternoon, we decided to visit the House of Terror Museum. We were looking forward to this as we are both a fan of history. However, we were very much let down. It was not at all what we were expecting. The rooms were simply filled with TV’s and showing video clips, most of which were not in English but also had no subtitles. We expected to spend a few hours in the museum and simply spent half an hour. The only interesting part for the museum was the basement. The cells in the basement had not been touched and really showed the history that happened there. Honestly, I would not recommend the House of Terror Museum, but that’s just my opinion.



Day Four

Here we go, our last day. As our flight wasn’t until the evening, we knew that we had a little time left in the morning. So what did we choose to do? We chose to find the zoo cafe, of course. We walked in and were instantly met by animals roaming around. We enjoyed a sandwich and lemonade while being brought different creatures to admire and interact with. They even had toucans. I have never seen a toucan in real life before. How exciting! All you have to do is buy some food or a drink and you can also enjoy this magical experience. 



Now for a few bits of advice. The first piece pf advice would be to use the shuttle bus service to get to and from the airport, if your flight times will allow. A taxi from the airport to the centre cost around £20, whereas the shuttle cost a couple of pounds. You can’t go wrong at that price. In terms of food, if you have a tight budget then there are plenty of fast food places and mini pizza bars which means eating is cheap. The supermarkets are super cheap so this is perfect for buying dinners. Buy a hop on hop off bus pass on your first day to get your bearings. In terms of money, exchange while in Budapest because they have a much better exchange rate. More money for exploring, right? And lastly, take pictures.


Take lots of pictures!



Disclaimer: All images used are my own and all opinions are my own.

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