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Bronte Waterfall, Haworth | August 2021

You have probably guessed it by now but this is another Wild Wanderers event.

It was the last day of my week off and I really didn’t want to spend it sitting at home wallowing in self-pity, so I posted on the Facebook group to see if anyone was free and wanted to do something.

 A lovely girl named Keisha commented and invited me to a walk a few girls were doing in Haworth to do the Bronte Waterfall Circular.

I had no idea where it was or what it was but instantly agreed to go and started packing my backpack ready to meet some new girls and get some steps in.

The drive took about an hour and a half and to be honest, wasn’t the nicest. As I approached Haworth, the drive became hillier and steeper and, as someone who is not the greatest at hill starts, I didn’t like it at all.

I was so happy to finally have reached the lay by to park. We all arrived around the same time and set off straight away.

 The walk was mainly moorland and was quite a steady and easy walk. The ground was pretty even and I would say it would be classed as an entry-level walk.

We managed to reach the Bronte Waterfall pretty quickly.

 The Bronte Waterfall is not the most impressive waterfall around but it is a waterfall all the same.  

Just because it is a small waterfall, it didn’t mean that it wasn’t pretty to look at. We didn’t spend an awfully long time at the waterfall as it wasn’t one we could paddle in or really marvel at.

However, it was still gorgeous to look at and still worth the walk. 

We continued on the circular walk and passed over the cute little stone bridge over the stream.

Everything around us was so picture-worthy and the moors just looked like they continued forever and ever.

It was knackering work. We realised the walk after the waterfall included a lot of steep hill walking and took a lot of breath out of our lungs. It wasn’t too tricky but we did have a few rests, I must admit.

We reached Top Withens, which is a ruined farmhouse that is said to be the inspiration for Wuthering Heights, and is located at the top of the circular walk. We explored the cute little abandoned farmhouse before setting up camp to eat our picnics.

The views were absolutely stunning and there was no better place to eat my sandwich on a Friday night. 

We were hoping to see the sunset but we were on the wrong side of the peak and so knew it would be hidden. It was a shame. 

I little disappointed, we set off back on the trail to try and make it back to the cars before dark.

This didnt happen.It became dark pretty quickly and luckily the route was pretty easy going and we had a few torches. It was quite funny though when we passed sheep that we didnt know were around us in the dark and they freaked out a little bit. Poor sheep. We made it back to our cars after around 3 hours of walking and i was looking forward to getting home and in bed. 

This didn’t happen.

It became dark pretty quickly but we were prepared with torches and, lucky for us, the trail was easy to see and follow. 

I felt so sorry for the sheep who were just chilling out for the night, not realising they were to be bombarded by women walking, and they freaked out and ran as we passed.

Poor sheep.

We had been walking for around 3 hours when we arrived back at our cars. I had really enjoyed my Friday night but I was definitely ready for bed.

I loved spending time with the girls and really got to know them all. It is so surprising how well you can feel like you know someone even after just a walk. 

That’s the best thing about the Wild Wanderers. You get to chat with each other throughout the events and get to meet so many women who are so similar to you.

*** This post has been written solely by me and all opinions are my own. All photos are my own or have been credited.

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