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BLOG UPDATE | New Category Coming Soon!

I like to think of myself as a writer. ‘Think’ being the main word in that. I am not a writer but I suppose it is what I aspire to be. I have always done best in English classes and this is the main reason I chose to study English Language at the University of Huddersfield. Alongside, I chose a Creative Writing course as well. The writer in me.

All my life, all I wanted was to be the next Darren Shan (you can read all my love about his books here) and so I have like a million starts to books or half-written ones lying around. My main problem is that I doubt myself too much and so I get midway through it and BANG in comes the self-pity and then that’s it. I put it down and never pick it up.


Along came an idea


If cannot get through a novel due to self-doubt, but there was something that I could write and finish. Short stories. They were perfect for me. I have all of these ideas running through my head but none of them are sustainable enough for a full novel. Also, no self-doubt getting in the way because, well the clue is in the name, they are short.

Self-doubt is still there though and I have decided that I need to put my big girl pants on and gain some courage. I am going to start a new Category for my original pieces of work. Not only short stories but some poems may enter their way in. I am super excited to do this and cannot wait to get started.


I am proud of myself. 


I do not normally come out of my comfort zone but here I am, new Sophie and all that. Mostly, my new Category series will form a series of short stories I have been working on. They form a series due to their running topic which links them all. What is it?




I know, morbid right? I love writing these short stories though and was inspired to create the theme from that game everyone played ages ago... Dumb Ways To Die. If you haven’t played it, or even heard of it, then you should download it now because it is super addictive.

I understand this new Category does not completely link in with what I already do blog about but it is something I am passionate about and something I want to share with you all.


Coming soon!

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