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Blackpool | May 2018

I know this post is a little late but considering that I hadn’t even downloaded WordPress by May this year, I feel like I can be let off a little bit. May is Ginger’s birthday and this year he turned 21! A big birthday, of course. So I decided to take him to Blackpool for a three day weekend, and what a weekend it was.

We stayed at a lovely little B&B, a short walk from the tower, called ‘The Norwood‘. Reasonably priced, I didn’t expect anything extravagant but it impressed us both. Breakfast included and a beautiful room was what we were given and we couldn’t complain really.


Anyway, without further ado, let’s get on with the day by day breakdown


Day One:

Day one was basically trying to get to Blackpool. With all our things loaded intomy little trusty Corsa, Kev, we set off but due to an unfortunate accident were stuck on the M62 for most of the morning. Nothing could ruin our weekend though and it picked up once we reached Blackpool.

Onto the activity of the day – Blackpool Zoo!

I had used Tesco vouchers to help out with the price of the zoo, however it isn’t too expensive especially if you were to book online (you can do so here). The zoo was brilliant and we enjoyed it greatly. We may be biased as we both loved animals but the zoo makes for a good day out. I would allow about 3 hours to get around the zoo without haste but I imagine with kids you could probably make the zoo last all day.

blackpool zoo animals monkey duck flamingo giraffe sea lion


Day Two:

What a busy day our second one was, but an enjoyable one all the same. So, the plan for today was to visit the Tower throughout the morning before attending the Tower’s Circus in the afternoon. You can book both online here.

I chose to pay for the Tower on the day (for a reason I shall explain soon) and blackpool tower glass floorused a voucher we received from our parking ticket which allowed one adult free with a paying adult. This made the Tower even more value for money. We were surprised by how many levels you could walk up to and the view was amazing. We spent a couple of hours up there easily and both myself and Ginger said we enjoyed the experience. Whether we would do it again is a different matter as it is something that once you’ve done it, you’ve done it if that makes sense. The Tower was fun and the glass floor was awesome, even if Ginger nearly dropped my phone from the top (but that’s something we won’t get into).

blackpool circusNow, the reason I didn’t buy both the Circus and Tower online was simply because if I were to get the package deal of them both then I was not guaranteed a seat at the Circus. The only way to choose a date and secure a seat at the Circus was to book the circus separately as so worked out cheaper to buy the Circus online and the Tower on the door. The Circus was okay but we were both disappointed. The Circus was not what we expected and the acts were not classic Circus acts. We enjoyed the show but did leave feeling a little deflated. Saying that, I do think the Circus would be more enjoyable for children so do not let my opinion sway your decision to visit!

Day Three:

Today was the day myself and Ginger had been most anticipated for!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool pleasure beach entrance
Photo Credit: Lancashire Flickr via Compfight cc

Ginger had never been before and I hadn’t been in years. The tickets were not too pricey if you bought them online, £50 for the both of us (you can purchase them here). The Pleasure Beach did not disappoint and we spent all day there. The food was the classic choice of burger or hotdog with chips but was not too pricey at around £7 each. The drinks, however, were pricey so may be because to try and take your own in with you. There are a number of different rides, all aimed to different age group so is perfect for the family. The park is definitely worth the money and I would recommend it all the way. A must do if you are visiting Blackpool.


And that, my friends, is the basics of our weekend celebrating Ginger’s birthday. We both really enjoyed Blackpool and happily rubbed it from our UK Travel Scratch Map. However, we did both agree that three days was the perfect amount of time to spend here as any more time, we wouldn’t have been able to fill our time really.



Please note: All images are my own or are not under copyright and have been credited. All opinions are my own and/or Ginger’s and are truthful. 

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