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Bianca Del Rio UK ‘Blame It On’ Tour | July 2018

So I have been the luckiest girl alive. Not only did I get to see Adore Delano at Hull Pride (check out my post all about it here) but just two days later, I got to see Bianca Del Rio in Manchester!

We had booked these tickets for almost a year and booked our hotel (post coming on Mondy regarding that one – what an unpleasant experience) in November for July. What an early booking, right? The main reason for this was to get the room as cheap as we could and to ensure we actually had somewhere to stay.


It is ridiculous how excited we were.


WARNING: Explicit language throughout this video

bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedianOur trip consisted of myself and two of my best friends, Danni and Emily. We are all massive fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race and have all been watching it religiously since University. When Bianca Del Rio won season six, we were all ecstatic. She has to be the best Drag Queen which has ever hit the RuPaul stage. We love her. So when we saw she was making an appearance in the UK, we knew we had to go.

As Monday approached, the excitement increased more and more and by the time we got to the train station, the excitement was too much. We booked our tickets in advance online through trainline. Trainline is the best thing invented for travel – you can get tickets dirt cheap. If you haven’t already tried it, you should.

We arrived at the hotel around four/ half four. First thing’s first, get out the makeup! I don’t care what anyone says, you can’t turn up to a drag show and not wear:-


1. a face full of make up

2. glitter, glitter and more glitter

3. a fancy a** outfit


bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedianIt took us FOREVER to get ready. Well, me and Danni. Emily was ready super quick, we have no idea how she does it but she does. Finally, we set off for the show. We decided to walk the twenty minutes (taxi’s are not an option in Manchester unless you’re willing to pay extortionate prices, we feel). The o2 Apollo wasn’t too far from the Ibis Budget and was easy enough to get to.

There were no queues to get into the venue as the entire show was seated rather than standing. The first thing we needed was a wee so we headed to the toilets. The queue was ridiculous and once we finally managed to get to the front we realised why- there were only two toilets. This is the only downfall to the o2 Apollo though. More toilets are definitely needed.


bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedian

We purchased a drink from the bar. Pepsi Max for us fellas and found even though the prices were slightly high, they weren’t too bad. Acceptable though as they could have been higher.

Our seats were amazing! The venue has a sloping floor and I feel this is a great piece of architecture. We have been to this venue before when standing to see You Me At Six and the slanted floor really makes a difference. It means that no matter where you are, we can clearly see the stage. We were sat in the front row of the second sets of seats so no-one in front of us basically. Perfect seating and perfect view. The lighting for the show was the pride colours which was beautiful. We settled in and waited for the show to begin.


The support act was Sherry Vine.


bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedianI had never heard of Sherry Vine before, none of us had. However, we were so impressed and thought she was awesome! Her version of comedy was through song. Rude songs. She was the parody master, turning classic into filth. SO funny though. I cannot even explain how funny she was. She ruined a classic for the entire audience though, laughing as she announced she was going to. So I’m going to ruin it for you lovely lot.


Hallelujah – How I b**w ya


WARNING: Explicit language throughout this video


Imagine the tune, sing the words. Her parodies were brilliant and she is so talented to be able to make any song into one about b***j*** and whor**. What a talent. Her performance was amazing and I would go to a show specifically to see her. It was so nice for a support act to be entertaining and actually make you laugh, rather than wanting them to get off stage for the main act. Our sides were splitting from laughter, the entire audience’s were.


After a short intermission (in which I grabbed another Pepsi Max because I fear I am now addicted), the lights dimmed and shone brighter. The audience quietened and scuttled back to their seats. Everyone knew what was about to happen…


The Queen of Mean arrived!


bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedian

She is the definition of crude humour. The second she came out until the second she left the stage, there was not a moment when I wasn’t laughing. She really did prove herself as the best Drag Queen ever. For Bianca Del Rio, there is nothing she will not take the p*** out of and nothing she will not joke over. As she states though,


I am not a homophobic, racist or anything else you would like the brand me as. I hate everyone equally. Even myself.


bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedian

If I am perfectly honest, I think she is the greatest and funniest comedian on the planet. Her humour is so specific about hating the world and not giving a s***. She can make anyone laugh. It is hard for even the best of comedians to do that. I think the fact she is a Drag Queen made the show even better as it makes the entire thing unique.

When I say she will rip s*** into anyone and everything, I am not exaggerating. Some of her topics included: the Holocaust, fat b******, gays, lesbians, the security and even the poor fellow at the front in a wheelchair. But let’s be honest, if you’re willing to buy front row tickets at a Bianca Del Rio concert, then you’re just asking for it.


Bianca includes the crowd throughout her performance which really shows that her entire show is not all pre-written. Every show has a different audience and so how could she predict her humour. She can think on her feet and she is quick about it. One aspect which I really appreciated was her ending of the show. The Meet and Greet ticket holders were asked to write a question for the finale. Her responses were brilliant and once again had the audience belly laughing at her absolute crude humour.


bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedianShowing she has a sensitive side, she invited one girl to the stage who wanted to give her long-distance girlfriend the perfect present. And she got it. A video of the two on stage, spanning to the audience. What a lucky girl. I was so jealous I won’t lie. I would have loved to be on that stage but the thought of being ripped into by Bianca is terrifying.

Now, as we all know (well, fellow Drag Race lovers anyway), Biana has a terrific and legendary impersonation of Judge Judy. Intrigued? Want to check out why it’s so good for yourself? Click here. Anyway, to my original point. Biana impersonated RuPaul! MORE THAN ONCE! 


It was incredible!


bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedianLike, seriously, amazing. So, to put her into perspective; she is a beaut drag queen, unbelievably hilarious comedian AND insane impressionist. GURL! She’s one in a million.

The show was bloody brilliant and well exceeded my expectations if I am honest. I was not sure what to expect from it. I knew I would enjoy it as I love Bianca but this show was on a whole new level. RuPaul’s Drag Race did not show Bianca to her best colours. Her excellence only increases through time it seems. I really do want to congratulate her on her performance. Well done!


If you get the chance to see her, take it!


At the end of the night, we were so knackered from laughing. I don’t think I have laughed so much in my life.


Bianca, you are one of a kind. 


P.S. There was only one downfall to the entire show, and it has nothing to do with Bianca or the show itself. During the show, no photos or recording was allowed. I am unsure why and the security were telling people to put down their phones when they were caught. Fortunately for you guys, I am a rebel and I managed to not get caught. The images are not the best but what can you do when you’re being watched like a hawk.



Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and/or Danni’s and/or Emily’s and are truthful.

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