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    Royal Mile Backpackers Hostel, Edinburgh | February 2020

    Our Edinburgh choice of stay. When we were looking at booking a long weekend to Edinburgh (check out this blog post first), we figured it would be pretty costly. We checked out the hotels and we were correct. That only meant one thing. Hostel searching. It was pretty easy to find a hostel in Edinburgh. I mean, there are loads of them. The hard thing was deciding which one we wanted to go for. We limited the search to the center as neither of us had been to Edinburgh before and we knew we would get lost otherwise. Not to promote myself as a cheapskate but we opted for the cheapest…

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    Edinburgh | February 2020

    Edinburgh – 3 Day Trip Jeez, here I am sat writing this post in August and it is about a trip which happened in February. Yes, you heard me correctly. February!! How long ago does February sound? But, like everyone else in the world, Coronavirus has had a massive impact on my life. My blog has unfortunately been one of the aspects affected. Hence, here we are talking about February in August. What a life at the minute. However, it is nice to write about this because it reminds me of better days when the world was normal and I was shipping about everywhere enjoying life. If you have read…

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    Fresh Format Feel | Embracing The New Look

    Formatting a blog. It’s strange what set your memory going and make you miss the world of blogging. You can go months without feeling the need to write and then – BAM – the writing bug hits you harder than Dorothy’s tornado. Lewis and I have been watching Slasher on Netflix. Just to digress here but if you haven’t watched it, you need to. Just trust me on this one. Anyway, the third series features a blogger. And that was my trigger. And so here I am. Writing away. Designing blog headers. I figured some modernisation was needed and so I started in the only logical place. The header. Start…

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    Career Move | Settling Down

    Careers, eh? Aren’t they so confusing? See, your job takes up over half of your life and, personally, I think the decision of what you want your career to be is a massive one. This is your entire life we are talking about. And I know that you can change jobs and it’s not 100% set in stone, but how many times do you really want to change your job? I’ve come to the point in my life where I would rather find a job that was suited so I could settle. There is nothing worse than the stress of finding a job, applying, waiting for a response, interviewing and…

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    Jonas Brothers Tour | February 2020

    The Jonas Brothers are back baby! Damn right they are and I am so so so excited. As you can probably tell, I was a fanster when I was younger. Me, Em and Dan all were and we were mad for anything Jonas Brothers. You cannot imagine how upset we were when they split and how ecstatic we all were when they announced they were getting back together. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind it when they decided to take their own paths but, come on, you can’t beat the brothers all together. Plus, poor Kevin, he can’t make it as a solo singer. He doesn’t do the singing part,…

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    New House | On The Move

    A little bit of a life update here. A stressful and scary one but also an exciting one! We have moved. Nowhere too far away, we are still in Goole but we have moved. We finally have an actual house rather than a flat. And it feels so so so nice to have stairs. I know that seems strange for someone to say but when you’ve lived on a one floor place for a year and a half, you really miss having a second floor to climb to. It wasn’t a rash decision but it was one that needed doing.  To give you a brief of the situation, we were…

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    Fairview Lodges, Withernsea | January 2020

    Log cabins galore! Have you are actually just googled ‘Log Cabins in Yorkshire‘? And to make life even more difficult, they are all so lovely as well. If you think comparing prices will make your decision easier, you would be wrong my friend. That was my first port of call but guess what? They’re all budgeted around the same prices. Half an hour it took me and Lew to trawl through all the log cabins with a hot tub in Yorkshire. Well, I say we looked… I looked and chose my favourite three and all he had to do was choose the one her preferred. Typical, eh?  Anyway, we used…

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    Travelling | Time To Take The Plunge?

    I’ve always wanted to be one of those people. You know the ones who seem to be in an amazing far off place that you’ve never heard of before but makes you super jealous because you’re stuck at work. One of them people. The free, fun loving fellows. Travelling is one of them life long loves that many people have but never get to achieve or don’t have the guts to. Well I’m one of those hopeless people who don’t have the guts to actually do it. Even though I want to travel so bad I’m hopeless. There’s always been something I can convince myself is a good excuse not…

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    Budapest | The Gallery

    Hello and welcome to the Gallery. The Budapest Gallery, that is. The best birthday ever was served in Budapest with my brother. Now, as you can imagine, my new photographer side came out and there were images all around. Now, rather than spam you all with my many many images, I decided to dedicate a post to it.   So here we go…   Please follow and like me:

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    Budapest | March 2019

    Okay, so, I’m really going to try and keep my excitement in but…   I WENT TO BUDAPEST FOR MY BIRTHDAY!   Sorry guys, I failed. As you can tell, I was super excited to have the opportunity to discover Budapest. Now, we went for four days and they were PACKED full of activities so this may be a slightly longer post than normal. But stay with me because I have all you need to know to have the BEST time in Budapest.    Myself and my brother, Tom, decided to celebrate my birthday by visiting Budapest. We chose to use the cheapest way possible and flew with Ryanair and…